BATAAN MANUFACTURING CO., INC. started in 1950 as a small shop of dental equipment owned and operated by its founder, the late Mr. Francisco T. Sy-changco Sr., assisted by a welder and a mechanic.

In less than two years, BMCI expanded its operations by adding hospital and medical equipment, enabling the firm to enhance its product range. Likewise, it was during this period that the company started to increase the number of regular clients as a result of its persistence to maintain high quality hospital equipment and its competitive pricing structures. These were just some of the factors that helped BMCI gain popularity and acceptance in the hospital industry and likewise made them a pioneer in the manufacture of exceptional quality medical equipment.

After twenty-five years of continued success in the business, BMCI was transformed into a corporation giving way to the entry of fresh, innovative and proactive ideas from young and aggressive professionals who were then invited to take part in the firm's decision-making activities.

Hence, with more than five decades of experience and proficiency in this line of endeavor and combined with the technical competence of its staff, BMCI has propelled into its present status as the leader and pioneer in the industry. The Department of Health, in due recognition of the company's capability as a qualified manufacturer, has issued a Certificate of Supplier Accreditation thereby making BMCI one of the most reliable suppliers of hospital and medical equipment to government hospitals.

Due to its strong commitment to high quality hospital equipment and the desire to establish a niche in the international market, BMCI in the 1980's has started to venture into the export business with very encouraging acceptance from foreign buyers.

At present, with the company's continuing product research and development, BMCI assures its clients of exceptionally high quality hospital equipment coupled with an effective service and maintenance program.

BMCI is proud to assure all its customers that its wide range of products is the result of over 50 years of experience in the field of high quality hospital equipment design and manufacture, thereby ensuring optimum functionality, durability and overall customer satisfaction.

BMCI is presently being managed by a group of professionals of different fields of expertise headed by Engr. Francisco E. Sy-Changco Jr. as President and Chief Executive Officer.

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